During my MPR, one of my peers also recommended me to look at an artist Moath Alofi. Alofi is an Artist born in Medina and currently still works there, as an Environmental Coordinator and safety supervisor at Dar Alhijira. In his practice, he is specifically interested in the holy city, using this as a studio and also viewing this as his personal museum in which to explore into through the lens. In capturing images go the holy city, he aims in which to spread awareness of the cultural and historical heritage of the city before him to the viewers.

Alofi has worked on a multitude of projects. However one in specific that has in fact captured my attention is that name ERTH. This being a project in which he is a co-founder of. In this he is supported by a team, with specialist knowledge. As a team they conduct explorative trips, documenting through the use of Ariel photography regions; specifically Saudi Arabia.


In his Ariel viewpoints, the perspective allows to capture more of the plane of the landscape. In doing so like the image below, different textural elements can be presented in showing the diversity of the terrain and materiality. This can create more visual stimulation with the material presented.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 15.56.39

Some images are also more minimalistic in comparison to others. Capturing leading lines, in order to guide the viewer into a visual conversation., In doing so the image below for example causes a visual division between the two sides. The landscape itself can become a method of Art production in using the composition and elements to create forms and interesting visual creations.

The landscape also depicts quite a mundane and dark atmospheric visual quality to it through the tonal qualities depicted. This adds to the atmosphere of the image, in presenting an aura. The way in which the image is edited is subtle in presenting the organic and natural raw qualities of the landscape- this was also discussed in my MPR. In relation to my own work, I need to leave my images more raw and not edit into them as I do. This image allows me to therefore consider how to edit works slightly, in order to emphasise the natural landscape and features, but not in fact take it away from its origin allowing context and understanding.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 15.57.06

Some images have elements of the greenery left in them, however this isn’t often. There is elements of the natural environment alongside with the manufactured, the constructed and reformed. This presenting a visual contradiction in the landscape.

Patterns are present in the image, this creates an interesting conversation with the viewer. This can also presented the history in how the landscape was once used in allowing to present the marks and tracks once formed. This also allows interest in consideration of how this was produced. In relation to my own practice, this is something I can consider, in presenting differing landscapes in order to showcase how different terrains are used for agriculture.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 15.57.17

The composition of the imagery is rectangular, this can be purposefully done in order to present this as a landscape allowing the viewer readability. Composition of a rectangular format can allow more of the landscape to be viewed and read into, in comparison to another format. Composition therefore can either be restrictive or in fact the opposite; allow more exposure to the terrain. This is dependant on the creator in how much they want the viewer to see the works presented.


  • Produce Ariel shots documenting the agricultural landscapes presenting this from a new perspective using drone technology

  • Present different terrains in the Ariel shot perspectives of agriculture to showcase different forms of agriculture- landscape

  • Locations; can differ, across the UK not just in the midlands this can therefore showcase interesting terrains showing differentations

  • Considering perspective and composition is important; such as leading lines, textural elements and even minimalism can allow interesting and intriguing shots

  • I will not be documenting cultural heritage however bringing to light and focal point of the lands utilisation

  • Ensure to leave the raw qualities of the landscape to allow context and visual narrations

  • Consider a visual contradiction capturing the natural alongside the manufactured



Moath Alofi. (2018). About. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Mar. 2018].

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