Experience required: No preference

Students eligible: Yes

Location: Switzerland

Town: Aranno

Who: new media artists.

When: ongoing.

Details: choose a negative image (up to two) that is continuously published in mainstream media and modify it. All the collected works will be published on their site and on social media to create continually renewing digital exposure. The final images will be exhibited at the new headquarters of Nellimya in Aranno and an exhibition catalog of the same event will be presented to the Cultural Department of the United Nations.

Apply: application online.


Web address:

Employer: imagoRevolution

Deadline: 05 Jul 2019

In regards to this, I researched on Create Adobe and came across free royalty free images. I feel this is important to consider in regards to avoiding infringing on copyright laws and legislation. This is an open archive of information sources that allows visitors to use imagery free of use.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 13.16.14.pngIdea below:

An idea I come across I would like to explore is the below. In consideration however, when I think about the fact the images are to have negative connotations I feel this image may seem to mock the seriousness of the visuals. I feel I therefore need to be sensitive in my exploration of the image and how I appropriate this through my own idea.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 13.32.59

Tutorial link:

My next step will be to explore images from the media I can use for my appropriation. I am aiming to complete two submissions for the project itself.

Key things to consider

  • negative image- negative connotations presented to the viewer- research recent media and publications

  • continuously published in the media- common images often presented

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